Arash Salehi
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Our Baby


I found out I was pregnant on Jan, 15th, 2008..I wasn't feeling very well so I took a test and it came back positive. I was so happy but scared at the same time. I waited till Ali got home to tell him...needless to say after the initial shock, Ali was happy and scared like me.
My pregnancy was very uneventful, except around my 15th week the Dr. was concerned that I had gained 10 lbs in a span of 4 weeks (not normal)He thought I had diabetes..turns out I just had one to many  oreo cakesters and Burger king. Yum, Yum.

Arash was scheduled to be born on Septermber 26th,2008, I was over

filled with joy because Ali and I's birthday both fall on a 26th of our month, but in true Arash fashion he was late to the party... He was comfortable and wasn't going to come out till he was good and ready.

On October 1st after what felt like an eternity of being pregnant I had my
last and final Dr's appointment. I was ready to go, but Arash apparently, was not..The Dr said that it looked like he just wasn't going to come out anytime soon. I was bummed!! 
My feet looked like hot dogs, I had gained 60 lbs and my back was starting to kill me and to top it all off I was pretty sure Ali was on the verge of an emotional break down since I had put him through the ringer with my mood swings.
I was on my way out the door when the Dr. asked if I ws ready to have a baby..I shouted "heck yes!!! Then Dr. said go home get your bag and meet me at the hospital at 10:00 am, so off I went.

I drove home the 10 min from the
Dr's office and burst into the room to Ali who was getting ready for work... “Ready to be a dad”? Ali took off his work slack's, said goodbye to bachlorhood, put on his shorts and said "When we come home we will be a family of 3". I got into the truck and Ali said we should probably get a car seat...wait! What I thought you got it already??!!, so there I was in labor, inside Babies R us looking for a car seat. We got the carseat and off to the hospital we went.  19 hours later......

At 5:45 am Arash Salehi was born on Ocotber 2nd, 2008 weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 10 oz and was 21.5 inches long. He had adorable chubby cheeks and distinct eyebrows. He had brown eyes and was a glowing rendition of his father. The nurses on call said he was the size of 2 babies being born on our floor.

Thus we began the life with our blessed baby boy....

Some facts:

  • Arash Salehi is always in the 98th percentile for head circumfrence, height and weight at every Dr. appointment. ( I gave birth to a linebacker)

  • He inherited the "Rodriguez" nose and attitude.
  • He loves fruit and he's never had a soda. (questionale with nana and tata Barreras)


  • Arash has his Daddy's brown hair.


  • Arash doesnt like having his nails clipped, or hair cut ( pretty much doesn't like any grooming with the exception of a shower)


  • Ali and I haven't slept a full night in 2 years...we are on the verge of delirium!


  • Arash as 2 birth marks.


  • Arash will fall asleep at 12 no matter what..set your watch to it!


  • I believe my son to be part fish since he loves the pool, bath and showers..He also loves to spill water on the floor and rub his hands in it.

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