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October 2008-
You sleep about 9 hours throughout the day then you sleep through the night with the exception of wanting to eat. Mommy has become a pro and has purchased the pre-made I dont have to make a bottle at all. Honestly I feel like its healthier. Your drinking 10-12 oz a day and you are awake often to eat! You are very alert and you stick your fist in your mouth a lot. When you were in my belly in every sonogram you had your fist by your mouth and the ladies would tell me that it would be something you would do when you were out..they were right. I am so excited to dress you up and yes I realize you are only a few weeks old, but dressing you up like a pea is so exciting for me!

November 2008-
You are 11lbs 23 inches now. You sleep through the night but I wake you around 4 am to eat, you don't seem to mind to much. You are very scheduled and eat at 8 am, 10:30 then every 4 hours after that. You are starting to make "cooing" noises. It makes me so happy..You flair our hands all over the place and you love to kick your feet. You love being held and often fall asleep in my arms. You also love to watch brightly colored shows. You dont like to be put down and when you are bored you cry loudly. You are starting to show signs of you rolling over but I hope it isnt the case!! Its scary the thought of you being mobile. Bijan and Margo came to see you this month and we shared a wonderful Thanksgiving with them. Cousin Bijan brought you an amazing Chicago cubs beanie.Your first Thanksgiving was very special to Daddy and I.

December 2008-
Christmas time is here little one. This is mommy's favorite time of year. You are 15 lbs 6 oz and you are 25 inches long. You are starting to stay awake a little more during the day. You sleep in the bed with me and daddy, not becasue you want to but because I want you too! You are a very good eater eating about 5 bottles a day. The day after Christmas you started to reach out and grab things and while Christmas shopping I made you laugh and you laughed out loud. It was the most beautiful little laugh and in the middle of target mommy got a little weepy. You are super attached to your pacifier and you love playing on your baby mat. On December 3rd I seen you roll over for the first time. On December 7th we got you your first Christmas tree... It was an event!

January 2009-
Happy New Year son!!! You wake up every night at 4 am, and then you are ready to start your day at 6 am. You are 17lbs and 25.5 inches long. You babble a lot in the morning, almost for an hour straight, its so hard to be tired when I want to hear your every minute of the day! You dont like to cuddle to much any more and your not a fan of people you dont know holding you. Mommy goes walking around the block with you. you like the outside and all the things around you. This year Daddy and I spent this New Year alone with you in home, we wanted it to be special...Mommy got teary-eyed again. Im just so happy you are here.  

February 2009-
You still wake at 4 am and you start your day officially at 7:30am. You weigh 18 lbs 6 oz now and you are 27 inches long. You are really into eating your feet and we spend a lot of time at Gymboree now. You are lots of fun and I love singing to you. I dont think you care for my singing to much though. You are starting to sit up and everyone is amazed that you are able to do it!!! Feb 14th was your first Valentines day. We celbrated by making daddy a cake.

March 2009- You still wake in the night to eat, like I said a scheduled baby. You weigh 19lbs and you are 28 inches long. You love to watch handy manny and you are starting to "creep". It makes me feel so bad that you have to crawl across the cold tile but you are a strong and relentless little guy you drag yourself anyways.  Daddy and I tried feeding you baby food but you are not liking it at all. This is your first Persian new year, we got you all dressed and made sure that we celebrated at the right time! Happy NoRooz baby!!

April, 2009- 
You are starting to eat solids now and pineapple seems to be your favorite. Funny that you skipped the whole baby food stage and went straight for the good stuff. You are 20 lbs and 25.5 inches long. You shreek a lot and are a very active and social baby.  Daddy bought you a brand new red convertible to push yourself around in! I am starting to see teeth buds and am not looking forward to this "teething" stage. You don't like being in your stoller longer then 20 min or your car seat so seeing Nana and Tata is very difficult. This is also your first Easter, we took you to a local cantina and we had our first brunch I remember that I got scared because we gave you a pineapple piece and I

May 2009-

Happy Birthday Mommy! Mom turns 26 this year! You are an amazing baby you weigh 21 lbs! You are in the 90th percentile for you weight! You are startung to make raspberries and scream a lot! We actually love it! You are starting to say baba ( dad in farsi). You don't like for me to turn off the TV and give me a mean stare when I turn it off . You just love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Hanny Manny. Tia Veronica sings you the Handy Manny song and you always smile. You are starting to crawl and 2 teeth have poked out. You are still super attached to that pacifier. 
You are asleep by 8:30 which is nice. Though sometimes you get restless and wake in the middle of the night. This is also the first mother's day for me..I got a wonderful new coach diaper bag! I think its safe to say that May is a wonderful month for mommy!

June 2006-

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